Writing Armageddon

Writing Armageddon
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Friday, March 25, 2016

Canvassing my social circle on Civil War

One of the most deleterious effects of living in a country going through a violent political conflict is the fear that one can feel that they are a minority of pacifists in society of fightaholics. The fact that the loudest voices in social and mass media tend to be the ones preaching violence or expecting violence does not help. With the recent bombings in Turkey and Europe, as well as the acrimonious political debates in the US I did feel a bit isolated. Partly as a coping exercise, and partly out of curiosity  I decided to canvass my social circle on two questions:

1)A Civil War, despite the devastation and death that would accompany it, would be a good thing for my country in the long term.

2)A Civil War is likely in my country in the next decade.

3) My country is

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Women and Peace: Reasons for hope, and a worrying logical conundrum

Women and Peace: Reasons for hope, and a worrying logical conundrum
By Konstantinos Travlos

There are many studies that have provided indicators that the enchanted participation of women in peace processes and in indeed in politics can be a force for peace, and indeed for quality peace. Work by Mary Caprioli , Caprioli and Mark Boyer , and by Erik Melander . The findings of these, and other studies your poor author has failed to mention are encouraging and something to add to the 10 Things you can Learn in International Women’s day . Even with the usual caveats on quantitative analyses of social phenomena, the least we can garner is that peace and quality peace are contemporaneous or closely associated in time with the active participation of women in political processes. Even such a minimalist findings is a powerful beacon of hope for many caught in the fires of conflict, and a strong confirmation of the beliefs of many feminists, men or women or other.