Writing Armageddon

Writing Armageddon
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Saturday, July 16, 2016

My failed coup experience (using my facebook logs)

My failed coup experience (using my facebook logs)

I have now lived through a failed coup attempt in Istanbul. In the interest of posterity I am making available the sequence of events as I lived them, based on my Facebook account activity. I live in the Acibadem-Hasanpasha Area on the Asian Side. I am safe.

10:30-11:00 I am watching Borgen S3E1. I get a message from a friend in Greece asking me if I am well. Friend tells me a coup is being attempted

11:00-11:10 I hear the rumbling of what can only be tanks or APCs. I run out. People are congregating. I cannot see the military vehicles, but I can hear them. The people are agitated and when I ask asker? Some of them nob. I go back inside.

11:10-11:30 I call my parents in Greece to make sure to tell them I am safe. I open up the VPN to retain internet access and begin interacting with other friends in turkey to learn news

12:00-12:30 I learn the a curfew has been declared by the coup members. I can still hear cars running. Sporadic honking also, an indicator of support for the government

1:00 Friends report to me that many generals have declared their loyalty to the government (after the fact I learn that it is the most important officer in Istanbul, the commander of the 1st Army). Also that people are congregating at the airport to welcome the President

1:25 I log in to report heavy rifle fire in the area.

1:33 Prayers are called from the Mosques. Political message as well. Mosques are blaring at full volume. I discern the word asker.

1:35 Multiple indicators in the area that the curfew is definitely not obeyed.

1:38 I can faintly hear massive crowds

2:05 I can still hear sporadic gun-fire. But not sure if it is a battle like at 1:25 or celebratory.

2:58 I attempt to go to sleep but I am awakened by a fighter jet either breaking the sound barrier or dropping sonic bombs.

3:20 Lengthy text message received on the phone from the President.

3:38-3:41 Fighters still flying over area.

4:05 Demonstration Continue as I can hear the chants and honking. I can hear helicopters.

4:13-4:23 Last call of prayers from the mosques. Very long announcement follows.

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