Writing Armageddon

Writing Armageddon
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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Reactions to Peter McPhee “Liberty or Death: The French Revolution”

As always, I must note that hear I am writing not ex-cathedra. That means not on my topic of study and specialty. Thus all of the following is opinion.

My friend Emir gifted me this new book that came out on the French Revolution. McPhee is a well-known scholar of revolutionary France, mostly known for his work on Robespierre . In this monumental book he essentially provides a new grand narrative of the French Revolution in the 1789-1799 period.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Student Risk of War Analysis:Turkey-Iran

As part of my IR 315: Peace and Conflict Course I had students conduct a Risk of War analysis of a dangerous dyad according to the Simple Risk Barometer developed in Steps to War by Paul Senese and John A. Vasquez. In this series I will upload to the blog the ones I felt were the best. The goal is to show that with some training anyone can use Steps to War to get a handle on current events and the likelihood of war. 

Emre Kocmar 

Contemporary paper with risks of war:
Even though it has soured on certain occasions since the Arab Spring, Iran and Turkey seems to enjoy generally peaceful relationship. Although lacking a common ideology regarding the region both nations reside in an idea of war between Turkey and Iran seems rather unlikely. Therefore i will use Paul Senese and John A. Vasquez’s framework of Steps to War in order to show
why Iranian-Turkish Dyad is a relatively peaceful one.