Writing Armageddon

Writing Armageddon
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Friday, April 21, 2017

21 Απριλίου 1967/21st April 1967

Η δικτατορία της 21ς Απριλίου είναι ίσως το χειρότερο πράγμα που συνέβη στην Ελλάδα μετά τον εμφύλιο, και όχι μόνο λόγω των βασανιστηρίων και του Κυπριακού. Δεν θέλω να είμαι ουτοπικός αλλά πιστεύω ακράδαντα ότι αν ο Γεώργιος Παπανδρέου, ο Πρεσβύτερος, είχε αφεθεί να κυβερνήσει την Ελλάδα για δυο τετραετίες η χώρα σήμερα θα βρίσκονταν σε καλύτερη θέση. Ότι έκανε ο Ανδρέας με απότομο και εν τέλει καταστροφικό τρόπο, την ενσωμάτωση των «χαμένων» και «αποκλεισμένων» της νόθας δημοκρατίας, θα είχε γίνει με πιο εξελικτικό τρόπο. Ο καταστροφικός λαικισμος του 80 δεν θα είχε συμβεί με την ένταση που συνέβη. Οι θεσμοί της δημοκρατίας θα είχαν ενδυναμωθεί. Το παλάτι μπορεί και μπορεί να μην το είχαμε. Αδιάφορο, καθότι ο Έλληνας βασιλιάς θα ήταν ακόμα λιγότερο θεσμικό πρόσωπο από τον Σουηδό. Το πιο σημαντικό είναι ότι δεν νομίζω ότι θα είχε ακολουθήσει η αλόγιστη σπάταλη τον περιόδων 80-90-2000. Αναγκαία και κατανοητή λόγω των σαθρών καθεστώτων του 40-50-60-70, αλλά καταστροφική. Και το Κυπριακό ναι μεν θα το είχαμε θέμα, αλλά με τελείως άλλη μορφή, και χωρίς το καταστροφικό μέγεθος της προσφυγιάς. Όλα αυτά είναι πιθανά. Ίσως να μην συνέβαινε έτσι. 

Γεωργίος Παπανδρέου-Georgıos Papandreou

Αλλά την πιθανότητα αυτή μας την στέρησε ένας φαύλος βασιλιάς, μια προδοτική Δεξιά, και η ανοησία μελών της CIA. Και ακόμα τα πληρώνουμε.

A dark anniversary for Greece. In a climate of political crisis created by the refusal of the monarchy, elements of the capitalist class, and parties of the Right to accept the possibility of a Left-Liberal government under Georgios Papanderou (the Elder) which might had led to the gradual re-rehabilitation of the millions that had been excluded from the political and paternalistic economic system after the Civil War, elements within the US government and CIA and the Greek military prepared a coup d'etat by the top brass.

Η ραδιοφωνική ανακοίνωση του πραξικοπήματος-The state radio announces the coup

However, they were beat to it by a clique of colonels, who launched their own coup on 21st April 1967. The Royalty, most of the political Right, and the US in the end accepted and tolerated this coup, despite the fact that even the CIA called the colonels "fascists". During the Nixon presidency, and under the management of his despicable vice-president Spiro Agnew (the great shame of greek-americans), the Nixon administration and elements of the CIA became deeply intertwined with the colonels, many times to the complete ignorance of CIA command, and the rest of the Executive branch.Indeed the Colonels via Agnew heavily bankrolled the Nixon Presidency (See "Legacy of Ashes").

Οι πραξικοπηματείς-The Junta members

The colonels regime was an utter failure (despite completing some infrastructure works started in the period of "fraudulent" democracy"). They tortured hundreds if not thousands. Killed tens. Exiled thousands. The attempt by Papadopoulos to change the political alignment of Greek politics was a complete failure and led to his overthrow by a more hard-core clique (with the full blessings of Nixon). These in turn launched a coup in Cyprus that led to the legal Turkish intervention, that then became an illegal invasion and occupation.

Spiro Agnew. A close friend and collaborator of the Junta. US Vice President
Σπύρος Αγκνιουγ. Φίλος της Χούντας. Αμερικάνος Αντιπρόεδρος

The April Regime left Greece and the Greek world deeply divided and hurt. The hard core populist politics of Andreas Papandreou, were the natural result of the frustrated hopes of those who were denied redress by a Georgios Papanderou(Elder) administration. The immense spending that followed the return to democracy in 1974, and brought Greece to its knees with the recent global crisis, was the result of the 7 years of interruption of gradual democratization by this junta of imbeciles.
True, all the parties at fault paid a price

1) The monarchy was overthrown and has lost any respect in Greece.
2) The US has paid the price for its uncontrollable executive with the strong anti-American current within the Greek public opinion.
3) The principal Junta members spent their miserable lives in imprisonment (though much more comfortably than that of their opponents.

But when you consider the harm done to Greeks, no price seems high enough.
The economic and cultural devastation
The division between Greek-Americans and Greeks.
The division between Greeks and Greek-Cypriots
The lack of any respect to politics and law by Greeks
It will take centuries to make up the damage of 7 years.

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